Bowls & Breakfast

I’ve always had an affinity for beautiful, unique dinnerware. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that my freshman college dorm essentials included things like a Pottery Barn mug for cocoa labeled “chocolate” and a weighted, yellow Fiesta bowl. None of my mugs match, I have a nice collection of mismatched bowls, and while Benton and I have two plate sets (one blue, one white rimmed with black), I hope that one day I have a dozen gorgeous, ornate plates instead of 12 with the same design.

Benton recently spent some time in Iceland for work, and he brought back the most beautiful handmade bowl. I’ve been using it every weekend for cereal — and many other times in between — and to me, this bowl is even cooler because I don’t have ten more just like it.

Here are a few other things I think would look perfect in my kitchen one day!


One response to “Bowls & Breakfast

  1. Hello Kate! Love the new blog! I too love all kinds of different patterns – although my everyday plates are stark white from Williams-Sonoma, they are called “diner” plates – super heavy, but I like that I can add color to placemats and accessories and it won’t clash.

    Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

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