Shoe Style

My sister Rachel helped me clear out my closet this week, and I’m seeing the extra space as a sign that I can start shopping for fall. I don’t really know where to begin as far as clothes are concerned, but I do want to get a pair of flat black booties and a pair of jeweled or metallic-capped flats. My youngest sister Hannah doesn’t own a pair of heels under 5 inches, but I’ve finally made peace with the fact that heels are not for me. I can rock a good wedge, but heels always leave me crying in pain and tripping over myself. I’ve rounded up a few styles I like, some in my budget and some totally out of it. I’m especially loving the black and gold combination!

black & gold

Clockwise, from top left: Madewell high heel booties / House of Harlow 1960 flat ankle booties / Seychelles Footwear / Dolce Vita leather slip on shoes / DV by Dolce Vita high heel booties / Sigerson Morrison leather slip on shoes / DV by Dolce Vita Geri

I really wanted a pair of Minnetonka moccasins designed by Wren, but it looks like these were just for promotion and aren’t being sold. I’m bummed…I love the yellow bead/navy combination!

What’s on your wishlist for fall?

One response to “Shoe Style

  1. Ha, I have no sense of style at all Kate! And now that my daughter moved out, I have no one to tell me “Mom, go change your clothes, that looks awful together!”

    And I only own 4 pairs of shoes – and one of those are flip-flops!

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