Dinner & a Movie

I love the dinner and a movie combination. It might be predictable but does that really matter when you’re seeing Looper and eating crispy rice with spicy tuna? I didn’t think so. The movie was great. I was a little confused by the timeline in the beginning and spent the whole movie trying to wrap my head around it. Overall, it kept my attention every second, and the plot line was decidedly unique. Afterward, Benton and I went to West Hollywood to get dinner at Yatai. We don’t venture outside Malibu much, but it was a welcome change. Yatai holds a special place in my heart; my girlfriends and I practically forged our friendships there over glasses of cold bamboo sake and popcorn shrimp. When we first started going five years ago, the place was never too crowded. Last night, we were lucky enough to grab the very last table. Happy hour goes until 9PM, and almost everything is $3 — including the aforementioned crispy rice with spicy tuna. Benton enjoyed the meal, but he didn’t fall head over heels in LOVE with Yatai like I have. Maybe it’s memories that make me feel warm and fuzzy, but I swear it’s the food. The California roll, pumpkin tempura with curry salt and miso eggplant are my other musts!

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