Last night, I went out in Hollywood to celebrate Winston’s birthday. We checked out the relatively new Sassafras, a southern-style bar featuring an actual Savannah home that was disassembled and trucked to California — porch, fireplaces and all! We holed up inside the living room and ate double chocolate cupcakes that Julia brought for the birthday girl, then danced to the band who was jamming on violin, upright bass and accordion. The place was crowded — not overly so, but getting a drink was no easy feat because of the time spent concocting each one. Every cocktail was quite literally a labor of love, taking much longer to mix than a standard drink, but tasting ten times better. I had a toasted-pecan mint julep, followed by a bourbon with house-made pumpkin ginger beer — definitely the best drink I’ve had in a while. I stand by my claims that living by the beach trumps all other LA locales, but I must admit, the bars in Hollywood just can’t be beat.

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