Lazy/Busy Weekend

Benton and I had such a nice, relaxing weekend. We ate really well — homemade pizza on Friday and Sunday, fish tacos from Howdy’s after some surfing on a “Kate” day (think very small waves), and ice cream from Malibu Yogurt before settling down for a Homeland marathon. On Saturday morning, we woke up early and decided to make our own brunch, with chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon (for him!). It made me so happy to look down at our plates and see 100% whole grain pancakes (thanks to Kodiak Cakes), free range eggs, and organic bacon. I’ve been trying to be more conscientious about what I eat/cook, but there are so many choices and mixed messages when it comes to food. This breakfast made me think I’m doing something right!

In addition to all the good eats, we also watched a few movies including Argo, which I’d definitely recommend. And just in case you’re thinking the weekend was all fun and games, I did get down on hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor. A chore that annoying warrants lots of treats and TV time, right?

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