Drive to San Francisco

My mom came to visit LA recently, and because we’ve covered a lot of local ground in the six years I’ve been here, we decided to take a road trip to San Francisco. The drive along the coast (with lots of obligatory stops for pictures) took us over ten hours, but it really is breathtakingly beautiful. We stopped in Cambria on the way there, and Carmel on the way back. We took pictures at Ragged Point on both legs of the trip. We listened to some good tunes, ate a lot of car snacks, and saw dozens of seals and sea lions. We only spent one full day in San Francisco, but we still managed to hit up the Saturday farmer’s market at the Ferry Building, walk through Chinatown, the North Shore, and Fisherman’s Wharf, and take a trolley ride. We had an amazing dinner and then drinks at a speakeasy (yup, with a password to get through the door!), and even though the trip was short, it was kind of perfect.

I’m realizing that there’s still so much I want to do in California — go wine tasting in Napa, camp in Big Sur, visit Catalina Island — and even though I’ve driven the PCH to get to San Francisco before, I definitely didn’t appreciate it the way I did this time. Maybe these photos will help paint a better picture; California is just something special.

My mom ate dinner at the restaurant below, Alioto’s, on her one previous trip to San Francisco — when she was only 19!

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