One Shot Wonder

I can’t believe I had four days off work and only took one picture. Blogger fail! Thanksgiving this year was a good one: four girls, lots of food, excellent wine, two pies and several movies from the 90s. Somehow, Cruel Intentions and Sliding Doors weren’t nearly as amazing as they seemed 15 years ago, but for nostalgic reasons, we still gave them two thumbs up. I did some holiday shopping, washed too many dishes, and spent quality time with my sister Rachel. The only moment I managed to capture was from a night out with Marissa and her girlfriend in town from Atlanta. We got dressed up (and I have to note, in the past four years, my idea of a club outfit has gone from mini dress to tight black jeans and a peplum top) and went for drinks. I actually had to research a place for us to go dancing — clearly the Hollywood scene is no longer my thing — but thanks to Urban Daddy, we found our way to AV. The DJ wasn’t that great, but that didn’t stop us from closing the place down and taking a bunch of Movember mustache shots. Another thing to bite the dust since my early 20s, along with mini skirts? My tolerance. If there’s ever a good time for a wicked hangover, it’s over a four day holiday, right?!

I also saw two movies that have been on my “to watch” wish list for awhile — Safety Not Guaranteed and Take this Waltz. Both lived up to their indie flick potential; Safety Not Guaranteed was interesting and weird, while Take this Waltz was emotional and unsettling. Michelle Williams was excellent in the film, which is essential the story of a young woman who seems to have everything in the world to be happy about but still isn’t happy enough, who discovers the hard way that everything new will eventually become old. It’s the story of love versus lust, of feeling comfortable versus exhilarated. It was seriously bittersweet but I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something different.

It doesn’t hurt that the soundtrack is pretty great (the above scene was shot to Video Killed the Radio Star, which never fails to give me a little shiver!) and the sets were spectacular; I wanted to jump in and explore nearly every frame.

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