I Want to Go to There

In the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there.”

Today I read Los Angeles magazine’s “Best New Restaurants” issue and already have a few places picked out to try. Cooks County was awarded top honors; I’ve been hearing a lot about this place in the last year, so I’m not surprised. I took a look at the menu and almost everything jumped out at me immediately, from “marinated beets, satsuma tangerines, chopped pistachios & mint” and “black kale, butternut squash, farro, pepitas, parmesan & pumpkin seed vinaigrette” to “buckwheat polenta, poached farm egg, king oyster mushrooms, endive, wild spinach & parmesan” and “Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk [super yummy cheese] oat biscuits & persimmon jam.” I know the menu might seem overly healthy (or positively awful to less adventurous eaters), but don’t judge — it’s what I like! And it’s not like you can’t finish your mean/lean/green meal with “Chestnut Brown Butter Cake with caramel crème anglaise & sea salt.” Um, yum.

Superba Snack Bar came in at number six. This is another I’ve been wanting to try, mostly because I’ve driven past many times, and I’ve heard the homemade pasta is good. Taking a quick look at the menu, the side options don’t look too shabby either: “heirloom pumpkin, Sichuan pepper crust, pomegranate, brown butter, ricotta salata, crispy shallots” and “elderflower poached persimmons, burrata, pistachio crumble, bitter greens & hibiscus jelly.”

I’m patting myself on the back for already eating at two of the top ten: Tar & Roses and Mercado. Both excellent! Here’s the salad I got at Mercado; points for taste and presentation.


Anyway, reading these menu options makes me realize how uncreative I’ve been in the kitchen lately. I’m overwhelmed sometimes when it comes to thinking out of the box, but a lot of my favorite restaurant dishes seem relatively simple and doable. I plan to start making some new recipes; hopefully I can add a few to my usual repertoire. I currently have a miso curry vegetable recipe from Super Natural Every Day flagged for this week. Fingers crossed that it tastes half as good as it looks in the cookbook!

5 responses to “I Want to Go to There

  1. If I am stumped on my menu planning, I’ve actually googled restaurant menus for the type of cuisine I am looking for to get inspiration!

    Happy Friday Kate – have a great weekend!

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