Rock Lobster

I’d describe the past weekend as a lazy one, even though it really wasn’t. Maybe because I took a long nap each day, yet I’m still tired? However, those naps were sandwiched around lots of fun activities — a hike through Solstice Canyon with Julia, dinner at The Lobster with my sister and Benton, surfing and finishing a new book.  It’s been rainy in LA the last few days, so when I woke up Saturday to clear blue skies, I was motivated to get my butt moving. Solstice Canyon is just a few minutes from my house, yet I’d never before been. In fact, there are so many cool hikes through the Santa Monica Mountains — I should try to take advantage of those more often! Honestly, it felt like we were a million miles away. The canyon is home to the remains of Malibu’s oldest existing stone building, as well as what must have been a beautiful home built in the 1950s. Both were ravaged by fires, which are common to the area. It was surreal stumbling upon stone fireplaces and chimneys in the middle of nowhere. The whole area was covered in beautiful palms and Birds of Paradise. It was such a lovely escape that we felt like we were exploring some exotic tropical locale and would soon head back to our resort for a round of pina coladas. Second best, we returned home to enjoy some of Benton’s excellent smoothies!




Saturday night, after the aforementioned nap #1, Benton and I met up with Rachel at The Lobster. I’ve missed my sister’s cute face! We had a nice time enjoying the seafood, wine, view and company. Our favorite waitress even brought over an un-birthday dessert for us to share.



On Sunday, Benton took me surfing! He had to twist my arm a bit to get me out in the water, but I had a really good time trying to ride a few waves. The first one I caught — without a push! — was my best of the morning, and a long (for me) ride all the way to the shore. No pictures, but I was a wet/sandy/triumphant mess. The rest of the day was a mishmash of napping, food shopping, GIRLS watching and Chipotle burrito eating. Benton’s been speed watching all three seasons of Downton Abbey (which isn’t really my cup of tea), so I got in a lot of reading time instead. I finished We Only Know So Much and started Flight Behavior. Both good — neither a must — but I’m really enjoying the unique plots. I have a very long list of holds at the library, which makes me happy. All in all, a great weekend!

One response to “Rock Lobster

  1. That sounds amazing – and I love Girls! My daughter and I got hooked on it, just smart writing. If I am ever in California, we need to hang out and drink some wine!!

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