New York Fashion Week F/W13

There’s something about New York Fashion Week that leaves me feeling a bit giddy and starstruck. You’re literally surrounded by beauty, from the models to the clothes to the makeup/hair/nails. Even when a presentation isn’t flashy, there’s this sense of excess — just a big sea of talent, hard work and glamour. I go to Fashion Week for my job, but since most of the work I do happens beforehand, the trip is always undoubtedly fun. The BCBG show is one of my favorites; it’s the official kickoff for Fashion Week, it takes place at Lincoln Center, and the energy there is always crazily high. I also love Jenni Kayne’s presentations; the designer is the epitome of California cool. For the past two seasons, she’s shown her collection at a beautiful loft space, where models mill about and pose while press and guests snap photos. The wildest show I attended was Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Her launch took place in a church but the vibe was anything but religious, with clothes inspired by Occupy Wall Street. Five girl bands played songs round-robin style while the models held signs with rotating slogans like “flirty fishing.” Really, it was exactly what I’d expected but unlike anything I’ve seen in past seasons of covering Fashion Week. Here are a few of my favorite behind-the-scenes shots!







Most the clothes are too much for me…I’m really a shorts and comfy sweater kind-of-girl. Also, let’s be honest, they’re totally out of my price range. However, the models at Candela were wearing the cutest tights with diamond print down the sides that I’m determined to buy. And, I really loved Jenni Kayne’s grown-up saddle shoes. These fall under my quirky-but-convinced-I-can-still-pull-them-off category.


There were a few hiccups work-wise but the biggest wrench in my plans was the blizzard! When I moved to California, I only brought whatever I could fit in two suitcases. Over the years, I’ve accumulated lots of stuff, but since the weather is never very cold or wet, I don’t own a really warm coat or pair of waterproof boots. Therefore, I found myself in NYC, staring down Nemo with only a pair of suede booties and a thin coat in tow. Luckily, my parents conspired to get me a long, toasty jacket (literally, the one off my own mother’s back!) and snow boots on Friday before the storm started. I met my dad for lunch and he handed off all the goodies. Luckily the snow in NYC wasn’t as bad as expected but having this gear was a total lifesaver.


I also got to see Hannah and my mom while in the city; Hannah came and met me for a late dinner Saturday at our traditional spot, Fig & Olive. We always split a cheese plate and spend an obnoxiously long time hogging the table because we have so much to discuss. We went to a party afterward where again, excess was definitely the theme. We kept things very tame though and were in bed sleeping before 2am. The next day, Hannah headed home and my mom came and met me for a bucket-list brunch (more on this later!). We followed the meal with a little tour around Grand Central Terminal, which is celebrating it’s centennial. I don’t think I’d ever been inside Grand Central before, and it was really beautiful — definitely worth a detour.



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