Busy Bee

It seems like every time I post, I’m talking about how busy I’ve been…but it’s the truth! I’ve been trying to set up some events and activations for my clients which are super fun, but they eat up extra hours, evenings and even weekends. I haven’t had much time for friends lately which makes me sad, but I don’t doubt that I’ll have plenty of pockets of free time over the next few months. At this time last year, wedding season was in full force. This year, I don’t have any friends tying the knot, which means lots of open weekends. It’s finally getting warm and sunny (yay!) so I’ve been powering through lots of beach reads. So far, I’ve really enjoyed Rachel Dratch’s Girl Walks Into a Bar, The Heavy, and Love in the Time of Algorithms.


I was really counting on good weather for Easter Sunday, but sadly it rained. I was hoping to host a big beach brunch, but cancelled that and just enjoyed a nice meal with my sister and two friends who came into town. We had some traditional Ukrainian fare (paska and pierogies) but skipped the kielbasa in favor of easier-to-make bacon for the meat eaters. We also had a delicious spinach/pecan/strawberry/goat cheese salad, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs and mimosas. I repeated last year’s dessert because the taste is so perfect for springtime. Yes, raspberry lemon coffee/cheesecake. It was such a relaxed day — exactly what I needed.


One response to “Busy Bee

  1. You are busier than anyone I know! Glad you have a wedding free summer to take advantage of everything around you! This morning? It was 22 degrees when I got in my car – where is our spring??!!

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