Easy Art

I don’t own a lot of art. Let’s face it, art is expensive! In college, I plastered my walls with Monet posters and postcards but now that I’m older, I find myself steering away from mass produced pieces, and I’ve gotten a little better at taking my decorating skills from decidedly homemade to wow-you-did-that-yourself?! It amazes me how much a frame can elevate a simple picture. In fact, two of my very favorite pieces in the apartment are a small sketch from my cousin (thank you Roger!) and a reprinted photo torn straight from the pages of Real Simple. I framed them both and BAM! Suddenly my walls look about 20x cooler.




I had to steal a frame from the den (or “relaxation room” as we like to call it) for the bedroom and found myself with a gaping hole on the wall and nothing to hang. Enter a white frame, clean lines, a thick mat, and a $2 piece of scrapbook paper. I love how the colors work perfectly with all the surrounding frames, and best of all, if I decide to change my mind, I’m only out two bucks. The design reminds me of cross-section tree rings, which blends well with the pressed flowers.



I’m not on Twitter but am turning into an Instagram fiend. Twitter bores me (like status updates on Facebook…who cares?!) but I love taking pictures and applying cool filters. I get to practice my visual eye without lugging around a camera. Recently, I turned some of my favorite shots into wall art thanks to Printstagram. It was so easy (are you seeing the theme here?).

DSC_0165 copy

Another favorite shop of mine is one canoe two. I love the look of letterpress overall but their colors/quality/design really stands out. We have the California state print hanging up and I’m still kicking myself for not ordering “Things that are Round” while it was still available!

DSC_0173 copy

3 responses to “Easy Art

  1. I love what you’ve done. There’s an air of simplicity, but the pictures have a certain depth.

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