Superba Snack Bar

How could I have forgotten to post about Superba?! This little restaurant is a stone’s throw from my sister’s place and has been on my *musts* list for awhile. I finally checked it out with my friend Lindsay and was pleased that the menu lived up to the hype. To start, we split a salad featuring black kale, jalapeno pickled raisins, pine nuts, pecorino and croutons. The menu is pretty meat-heavy so my options felt limited, but the agnolotti with sugar snap peas, poached shrimp, chili flakes and mint that I ended up ordering was delicious. I’m not always a shrimp fan (or maybe it’s just shrimp cocktail I can’t stand?) but it was fresh and really cooked perfectly. We ate outside, and because the evenings are usually chilly in Southern California (and especially by the beach), the restaurant provides beautiful woven Mexican blankets to keep guests warm. So hipster chic, no?



3 responses to “Superba Snack Bar

  1. That looks awesome Kate! While I do like fresh shrimp cocktail, I think sometimes in restaurants they just sit around too long and are kinda icky.

    Have an awesome weekend!

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