Fashion Week Favorites

I just got back from New York Fashion Week, where the weather is warm, but people are dressed in fall’s hottest trends, and the designers are launching spring collections. Got it? For me, Fashion Week usually means months of work, followed by an easy few days of taking pictures and coordinating post-show press outreach. This time around, it was somewhat stressful; the first day found me wandering NYC on foot, at 3am, scouring 24-hour Duane Reade locations for nail lacquer. But, at the end of the day, no matter the intensity, Fashion Week is fun! Of the hundreds of pictures I took, here are a few of my favorites.








Despite being busier than previous years, I was really lucky to be able to meet my mom, dad and sister for one meal apiece. Even though we only spent a few hours together, living on the west coast, I never get the opportunity to just grab a quick brunch, or dinner, or drink with them. It was so nice to catch up in person, to talk and talk…and eat really good food. I’ve gone to NYC for work so often, Hannah and I now have a tradition — enjoying a semi-annual Fig & Olive cheese plate. We tried another restaurant just once and have never strayed since.



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