Simple Potted Plant Upgrade

I am really lucky to live right near a succulent warehouse. The price is right ($1-$2 for non-potted plants), especially since succulents require sunlight to grow and the apartment gets zero natural light, so I have to replace my plants every few months. Currently I have six pots in varying shapes and sizes sitting on the kitchen windowsill. I’ve been itching to doctor them up a little bit, and in the spirit of being creative this year, I finally grabbed some paint (I already had Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist on-hand) and got to work over the weekend. Some pots got completely painted, while others I left a mix of color and clay. I did everything freehand and waited the bare minimum for each coat to dry — my goal was a cute but quick update. Then, I spent a lovely hour picking out succulents before re-potting them in my newly painted containers. The warm pop of color looks really nice in the mostly white, neutral kitchen — I only wish I’d tackled this project sooner!

craft 2

craft 1

craft 4


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