There’s something magical about California. Since moving here from the east coast, I’ve slowly migrated across Los Angeles and now live right by the ocean…where it’s always 75 degrees and sunny. I used to maintain a food blog at Cooking with Kate, but am now branching out. I still love to cook (and eat!), but I’m equally enamored with photography, reading, DIY and perpetually mentally redecorating my apartment.

Here are 5 totally random things about me that will undoubtedly surface at some point on this blog:

  1. I love ice cream and have recently discovered how to make a killer homemade version of Magic Shell (1 tbsp coconut oil melted with 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips). If you happen to have a game night and serve this over vanilla bean ice cream and double chocolate brownies for dessert, your friends will think you’re a kitchen goddess. Trust me.
  2. I have the same bangs now that I had at age four. I’m not sure if that’s regression, or an indication that I’ve always had good style.
  3. I love crafting but am terrible at follow through. I have a long list of DIY projects but only a fourth of those will ever actually happen.
  4. I’m a reading fiend. Right now I have 5 books checked out from the library, and a two week countdown to get them all finished. Not a problem.
  5. I’ll readily admit that traffic in LA is the pits, but there’s nothing better than driving down a palm tree-lined street, or along the ocean, with the sun coming down and a breeze blowing through the open windows…in February.

I also love dancing in the car, blue sea glass, Jersey salt bagels, Instagram, homemade lattes, sending and receiving cards, slipping into comfy clothes after work, mini spoons and my cat Mookie. And if all this doesn’t paint a clear enough “About” picture, good thing you have a whole blog to read, right? Welcome!


5 responses to “About

  1. I used to live in San Diego and totally miss it… espesh on these chilly January days in Kentucky. Looking forward to catching up with you here! : )

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