Farm to Table

I’m enamored with the farm to table concept. I know, I know, even saying that makes me feel like an overenthusiastic hipster, but it’s true. Farm to table might seem like a marketing gimmick, but the food at restaurants that embrace the concept is usually so fresh, so unique — exactly what I would make and eat in a dream world. Over Labor Day weekend, Malibu Farm opened a small cafe on the pier right near our apartment. Malibu Farm typically hosts pop up dinners for 100+ people but is trying its hand at the restaurant business. Right now, the cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch select days of the week, and luckily I am dating someone who will not only eat at all these “healthy” places with me, but is also gungho about seeking them out.

The morning after we returned to California from a long trip, we made the quick walk to Malibu Farm. I had an almond milk latte and quinoa oatmeal with coconut milk, fresh berries, maple syrup and basil. I’ve trained myself to eat my oatmeal without much sweetener so I probably could have skipped the maple syrup, but the quinoa spin was super tasty. I always forget how much flavor coconut milk adds and thought that it took the dish from good to great. Benton had a drip coffee with multigrain pancakes and bacon bits. The cafe’s tagline is “Fresh. Organic. Local.,” but someone should add “delicious” because we both loved our plates. Oh, and if you’re not already convinced to check this place out, note the coffee is all from Caffe Luxxe. Yup, lots goodness going on here!




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